Welcome to T.I.ME Tutoring! We believe that Tutoring Is in an absolute essential for every student! There are no wrong answers, only solutions.

T.I.ME waits for no one...

It's important to know that more students are dropping out of school simply because they are not "getting it," in the classroom! There are many factors that we have to look at:

  1. The teachers are over populated in their classrooms to give one on one responses.
  2. Students are in many forms of transition be it from kindergarten to middle (Jr. High) to High School, they are dealing with Peer Pressures and don't want to look "dumb" in front of their peers. So they simply "play it off" meanwhile hurting in silence. This is where wr come in. Unlike other Tutoring businesses, T.I.ME believes in time, and giving your child that one on one they may need without the "arm and leg cost you will have to pay."